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We deal with music for any kind of event, ranging from classical or less classical services for religious or civil ceremonies, to live services for aperitifs, vernissage, inaugurations, company dinners etc., with different possibilities: solo, duo, trio or quartet ensamble, bands, and services for evening parties, weddings, graduations, birthday parties, anniversaries, with dynamical solutions like professional DJs, entertainers and any other extra service.

We are all professionals, each one in his/her branch, with several years of experience; passion and amusement are what guide us in our work, as you will realize.

We put our experience and our abilities at the service of our customer, who will be able to find ideas and new, original services in our group, so that your party will be highly personalized.


With us you can customize the soundtrack and the booklet of your wedding…

We offer a quick, easy and personalized service for the choice of the soundtrack for your wedding and for the making of the song booklet.

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Wedding music

Have you already chosen the soundtrack for your wedding?

Discover your soundtrack with the help of professionals in the field as Wedding Symphony. For your wedding day, it is important to rely on music experts. Thanks to their specialization they can help you choose the best songs and the kind of music which most suits your personality and meets your taste.

Orchestra, duo, quartet, choir, solos: we offer many different solutions for civil and religious ceremonies. Here you can find a short guide for wedding music Vicenza by Wedding Symphony. The music for your ceremony can be personalized according to the location and the taste of bride and groom.

The modern and celtic harp for wedding music will donate everlasting emotions and accompany the guests towards an harmonious world, sweet and romantic. These elegant and refined instruments can play as solos, or accompanied by other instruments, such as flute, or by male or female singing. Flute, violin, and trumpet are characterized by contrasting sounds. These instruments can enhance the melodies of any piece of music.

Soloists for civil ceremonies, in duo with harp / keyboard / organ or in trio with a pair of arches for religious ceremonies. They create a sweet music, from the clear touch of the violin to the bright one of the trumpet. The organ brings the listener back to the sacredness of the ceremony; its resonance is majestic. It can be a solo instrument, or can accompany other instruments, in some cases can be simulated by the keyboards. The classical ensamble par excellence is the trio made by violin, viola and cello; it is among the most valued ensamble, and its repertoire is vast. The string quartet made by two violins (or violin and flute), viola and cello offers still a more extended repertoire, which includes the great classics for ceremonies.

The soprano or tenor voice donate emotions and amazements to the guests. The female voice is widely appreciated for its wider repertoire. It can be perfectly matched to instruments such as harp, or keyboards, or organ, or to more complex ensamble. Not least can be the choice of a choir. It is a perfect solution when the ceremony is highly personalized, for instance it can be a 5-voices choir accompanied by an instrument (keyboard or guitar). Classical, elegant, romantic and splendid solutions Wedding Symphony creates tailor-made for its clients.

We can best advise you about your wedding music Vicenza…