Live Duo

Live Duo

Be enveloped in romantic emotions by the instrument and voice of a live musical duo.
This lineup is ideal for accompanying the aperitif or entertaining guests as they arrive at the location until the time of the cake cutting. With an engaging dynamic, the live duo ranges from the great classics to the latest hits, rearranged and revisited in an acoustic key. Some of these ensembles can even accompany the entire evening party, thanks to the versatility of the musician who becomes a DJ and the singer who turns into a vocalist and entertainer.
The live duo creates an intimate and romantic atmosphere during the aperitif or arrival at the venue, providing a refined and classy background music. The instruments played by the musician and the singer’s warm and engaging voice blend in harmony, providing unforgettable moments for your guests. The musical selection includes classic songs, timeless evergreens and current hits, reinterpreted in a unique and personalized way always in an acoustic key.
The professionalism of the musical duo is also reflected in their ability to adapt to your musical needs and preferences. They can create a tailored repertoire for your wedding, in line with your personal style and tastes. Whether you are a lover of classical music, pop, jazz or other genres, the musical duo will cater to every request, creating a unique and personalized musical experience.
The instrument and voice come together in harmony, providing magical and romantic moments that will make the hearts of the bride and groom and their guests beat faster. Be carried away by the melodies and words, and you will experience a wedding of beauty and musical passion.

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We manage timing best by synchronizing, perfectly, the timing of musical entertainment with the timing of cooking


We respond to any questions, doubts, uncertainties and issues you may have

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