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Music at the wedding: a jungle of possibilities

Navigating the new era of wedding music

Until a few years ago you had two options for arranging your wedding music: the parish choir for the ceremony and the country musician for the reception. Everything worked through word of mouth, the choice was limited, and there was no need to create an event within the event, but simply to have background music.

Over the past decade, the wedding market has evolved considerably, finding in the web a very large showcase of proposals and services. Different genres of music, forms of entertainment and spectacle adapted to the wedding, and different DJs/Animators entered the field.

In this new scenario, every choice has become more delicate and complex:

  • it is difficult to navigate the jungle of online proposals
  • a lot of time is required to evaluate the various services and understand well in detail the proposal being made
  • there is often little information available and they all look very similar
  • you are not clear about the various moments to be organized and what solutions best suit each of them
  • you risk choosing several different solutions without overall coordination, without understanding whether they will be able to coexist, and without having a vision of what the end result will then look like
Wedding Symphony Navigare nella nuova era della musica per matrimoni

Transformation in the world of weddings

I know these feelings well because I have been alongside married couples for years and have experienced the change firsthand.

When I started as a musician and entertainer, everything was simpler, but at the same time very limited and standardized. One solution for many different couples.

As the wedding market evolved, I realized that the music industry also needed to give itself a makeover and keep up with the times.

It was necessary to meet the new needs of wedding couples who wanted to personalize and diversify music and entertainment during the wedding.

At the same time, the day’s lineup, until then consisting simply of the Church ceremony and restaurant reception, had become rich with different moments and set in dedicated wedding locations. Music has become the mainstay of the event’s success.

When I realized how this world was transforming, I decided to set out to study it, to figure out how to be a reliable and professional point of reference for my spouses.

Wedding Symphony La trasformazione nel mondo dei matrimoni

My growth path

I then took a Wedding Planning course, during which I delved into the different dynamics of a wedding event and became aware of how much care is needed to achieve an outstanding result. Above all, I understood how crucial it became to plan and coordinate every detail, to create a harmonious direction of the day and to align the many figures involved, to give assurance of the success of the event.
After finishing the course, I decided to apply everything I had learned about the new wedding models, to my category and my industry, becoming the first Wedding Music Planner in Veneto and founding Wedding Symphony a music agency specializing in the musical accompaniment of civil, symbolic and religious ceremonies and the music and entertainment aspect of wedding receptions.
The Wedding Music Planner is a consultant specializing in wedding music planning. A service dedicated to all couples who want a tailor-made soundtrack that will amaze and excite.
Unlike the classic Entertainment Agencies, musicians and entertainers who aim to sell their service, focusing entirely on the performance, the Wedding Music Planner works in the opposite way, putting the couple at the center, listening to their wishes and identifying, among the more than 60 artists that make up Wedding Symphony the best solution for the wedding.

Wedding Symphony Il mio percorso di crescita

Integrating music to special moments

The Wedding Music Planner helps brides and grooms build a personalized and complete experience, from ceremony to reception, by streamlining the search for the perfect service in a focused way, through a guided path that avoids wasted time and confusion, ensuring ample choice and clarity.
Fundamental to the Wedding Music Planner is also relating with other vendors involved in the event to create special moments based on the day’s lineup, location, and party mood.
For the bride and groom, this means approaching all music choices with ease and serenity during the creation of the wedding plan. Flanked by the figure of the Wedding Music Planner, you will be sure to realize a unique event and make your guests have an engaging and exciting experience, capable of leaving an indelible memory in everyone’s mind and heart for a very long time.

Wedding Symphony Integrare musica a momenti speciali

Why I do MUSIC

My name is Paolo Furlan and I am the first Wedding Music Planner in Veneto.
I have always loved music. I have always loved to have fun and entertain. Music transformed me, allowing me not to be that shy Paul that everyone knew, but to become a ray of sunshine for someone’s day.
Giving lightheartedness, seeing people who, listening to my music, my voice or following my animation would start dancing, humming or just smiling, always excited and fulfilled me.
Music carves out a space outside of time, a place where anything can happen and where everything exists. And what better occasion than a wedding party to celebrate this: music is life.
This is why I do what I do.

Wedding Symphony perchè faccio musica

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