Sunrise Project

Sunrise Project

The Sunrise Project is a duo consisting of Paul on keyboards and Irene on vocals, two professionals from the province of Vicenza. Thanks to their long experience and the musical knowledge of Paolo, a graduate of the A. Pedrollo Conservatory of Vicenza, they present a vast repertoire capable of ranging across genres, interpreting songs in a personal key and adapting to the various situations in which they perform; in fact, they can offer themselves for ceremonies and aperitifs. The fusion of piano with Irene’s voice creates an elegant atmosphere, full of feeling, but also capable of spreading cheerfulness and good humor to the listener with a skillful mix of pop, soul, light music and original interpretations of rock and dance songs.


The repertoire encompasses a whole range of international hits, revisited in an acoustic-melodic key ranging from pop to dance. The duo is equipped with professional audio equipment suitable for both small rooms in which to enjoy music at the right volume and large spaces for greater sound impact. Sunrise’s philosophy is based on professionalism combined with willingness to meet the needs and tastes of a diverse audience, all seasoned with lots of strictly live music played with energy, intensity and fun!

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We best design the musical experience so that it can express the way you are


We also plan the event from a logistical point of view by verifying the sound system requirements needed


We manage timing best by synchronizing, perfectly, the timing of musical entertainment with the timing of cooking


We respond to any questions, doubts, uncertainties and issues you may have

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