Civil ceremony. 10 songs for the bride’s entrance

If you’ve attended any weddings as a guest, have you happened to see an evening party that doesn’t take off, a desolately empty runway an evening party with very high expectations left unexpected?

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There are a number of reasons why couples prefer a civil ceremony over a religious one, but among the most common ones is the possibility that this rite leaves the bride and groom with regard to the choice of lyrics, wedding phrases with which to pledge eternal love, and on the playlist to be used as a background for the most significant moments of the ceremony. This ceremony can really, if taken care of in detail, become a “trailer” of the path taken by the bride and groom from the first kiss to the wedding day, it can tell your story, it can make you relive through a sought-after playlist the different moments you experienced, in short, it can really tell the story of the couple in a completely spontaneous, elegant and emotional way.

In a civil ceremony then there are some songs that, more than others, remain etched in the memories and one of them is definitely the one chosen for the bride’s entrance so we have taken the liberty to point you to some of the most popular songs for this moment:

1.A thousandyears(Cristina Perri) – It was 2019 when Paola Turani, the supermodel and influencer made her triumphant entrance to the notes of this song wearing her wedding dress. A very romantic ballad used as the soundtrack to the film Twlight.

2.Perfect (Ed Sheeran)-Released in September 2017 Perfect is the 5th track on the studio album and is a ballad, entirely composed by Sheeran, dedicated to his girlfriend Cherry Seabornconceived in high school and reunited years later; As explained in an interview Sheeran’s intent was to write the best love song of his career and he probably succeeded given the worldwide success this song has achieved

3.Ovunque proteggi (Vinicio Capossela) – “Ovunque proteggi” is a beautiful song by Vinicio Capossela from 2006. It is a love song written in the 1990s but remained unreleased.The song is a sweet prayer to the beloved “When you come, when you come for me look at the corner of the skywhere your name is written, it’s written in the iron in the circle of a ring…And still it makes me fall in love and sigh like this.Now and for when the enchantment will return.And still protect the grace of my heart now and for when the ‘enchantment will return. The enchantment of you…of you near me.” You will know how to excite all your guests

4.Nuovo Cinema Paradiso (Ennio Morricone) – One of the many famous soundtracks written by the great maestro for one of Giuseppe Tornatore’s masterpieces. Those who have seen it will surely have perceived how this soundtrack blends so perfectly with the scenes in the film that it complements it and gives it added value. If for your entrance you want to give space only to musical notes, between love and nostalgia, this song will make it just right for you.

5.Questo immenso (Pino Daniele) – Taken from the album “Dimmi Cosa Succede Sulla Terra” released in 1997, this song is a true poem, delicate and whispered from the very first words of the song “My eyes on you are slipping and how much, how much more.” They immediately bring to mind your arrival and the steps to meet your partner who facing the entrance is eagerly awaiting you.

6.She (Elvis Costello) – “The meaning of my life is her” what else to add to this masterpiece. A very famous song brought to success by Charles Aznavour back in 1974 later became a cover by Elvis Costello included in the soundtrack of the famous movie “Notting Hill” starring Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts. A passionate song about an unbreakable bond in both sunny and rainy days. Magnificent!

7.Senza Fine (Gino Paoli) – This is the historic song, a symbol of the artistic and sentimental bond of two great names in Italian music: Gino Paoli and Ornella Vanoni. The song is, indeed, the emblem of a love story so poignant and unbreakable, precisely as they say in the lyrics. Beautiful melody to use just as a musical base for your entrance or with the lyrics full of romantic phrases “everything is now in your hands… big hands… endless hands.”

8.Only Time (Enya) – An original and timeless song suitable for those brides who dream of a triumphant, romantic and evocative entrance.The notes of this song by the Irish singer and musician, will surely break through the hearts of all your guests with a sweet but very engaging melody whose meaning revolves around the concept of time.

9.Endless love(Lionel Richie & Diana Ross) – “My love, there is only you in my life the only right thing. My first love, you are every breath I take, you are every step I take and I want to share all my love with you.” It could be the lyrics of a wedding promise, but instead it is a masterpiece of the 1980s by two artists who made their mark on pop music in those years. A romantic and delicate ballad that will accompany the steps of any bride.

10.To You (Jovanotti) – Put in 10th place only because it is considered the quintessential love song. Dedicated to one’s wife, one’s life partner, it has been, since its release date in 2008, among the most frequently used songs for different musical moments in weddings, ceremonies, cake cutting, first dance in fact “To You” strikes for being so simple, but at the same time full of meaning, sung from the heart and in a very heartfelt way. The text aims to highlight how it does not need a report of great feats, but just a simple, intimate one, a story in which everyone can see themselves again and mirror themselves. An entry with this song is a guaranteed success.

That said.

Don’t be swayed by those people who think the civil ceremony is cold and unexciting. Nothing could be more wrong. Personalizing the ceremony by introducing symbolic rituals, texts even written in your own hand, and a playlist built specifically around you will help create a warm and romantic atmosphere. Beginning with one of these songs will make your entrance exciting, draw great applause from your guests and even a few tears. I hope you have found useful insights, ideas and advice on this article;

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