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If you’ve attended any weddings as a guest, have you happened to see an evening party that doesn’t take off, a desolately empty runway an evening party with very high expectations left unexpected?

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Looking for wedding games to entertain your guests to the sound of music? Animate your wedding day through musical notes, high notes, dancing and laughter.

The musical chair – As with a classical musical chair, fewer chairs are arranged than the number of participants. The game involves sending guests into the room to pick up an object (a fork, a tie, a cell phone of a specific brand). The last person who, after retrieving the object, returns to the chairs thus remaining standing will be eliminated. He will have to render a fun service to the bride and groom (inviting them for a dinner, going to water the flowers during the vacations). Each time a chair is withdrawn and so on….

Karaoke – A timeless one! All your friends and relatives will try their hand at being their favorite singers. They will have to sing their most beautiful songs.

Musical games

Music competition Hold a music competition in which you assign each table a song. In collaboration with the DJ play them in a random sequence. Guests with the table corresponding to the song being played should stand up and dance to it. The table that responds best to the game will win a prize!

Singing Love – Each table must choose a song with the word “love” in the title. No duplication, the first guest at a table who writes the name of the song on a piece of paper and brings it to the bride and groom has the right to sing that song. Then, once the choice is made, the guests seated at each table must stand one at a time and sing the whole song. The bride and groom decide who wins and award a prize. Another version of this game could be to have people write as many songs as possible that have the word “love” in the title-the table that writes the most wins a prize.

The kissing song – Let’s finish with some romance. After choosing a love song, you should invite everyone in the room to give a kiss to their partner or on the cheek of the closest person the moment they hear it playing. For those left without a kiss… Joke or penance!


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