If you’ve attended any weddings as a guest, have you happened to see an evening party that doesn’t take off, a desolately empty runway an evening party with very high expectations left unexpected?

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We have told you on several occasions and in several articles how to differentiate a professional Musician/DJ from an improviser. Among the various features extensively addressed on several occasions in this article, I want to tell you about the light park that is made available to the bride and groom and set up in the area usually used for dancing.
First of all, if for you newlyweds the evening party is one of the cornerstones of the day, you need to check, when choosing the venue, that the area dedicated to dancing is suitable for the type of evening party you want; By suitable, we mean that it has the capacity to comfortably hold all the guests, that the room lighting can be turned off totally or partially easily, that it is easily accessible to all the guests, that it is close to the open bar, that it is connected to the outside for those who want to take a breath of air or smoke a cigarette, and that it gives those who do not want to dance the chance to still enjoy the party while sitting comfortably.
The DJ’s lighting and effects park then should enhance the room, partly recreating the disco effect during the evening party; You will then be sure that all the guests will hit the dance floor to end your best day, leaving exhausted but with smiles on their faces!

But can lights really make a difference?

Over the years I could see how, except in rare cases, the party never started before dusk.
Maybe it had already been an hour since the cake cutting, I had already put on cult pieces that had been a hit with the guests, but the party just wasn’t taking off.
As darkness arrived, the rink began to populate and the party reached its climax!
At first I justified this by thinking it was related, and in a small part it was, to the hot temperatures of the day by bringing guests to dance only after the sun had gone down giving way to the milder evening temperatures, but similar situations sometimes happened on unfortunate rainy days.
Then I realized that many people prefer to dance in the semi-darkness probably because they feel insecure in dancing or ashamed to do it feeling awkward and clumsy.
Maybe that’s the case for you or maybe not, but you have to think that surely some of your guests will have a hard time getting wild if the right “conditions” are not in place.
So also be careful not to overdo it because if I set up stadium lighting in a small room I will still have a counterproductive effect because lights, in addition to being the perfect choreography for any party, must be professional and calibrated to the situation.
When we talk about professional lights, we mean that high quality lights should be used that do not give you worries and especially do not stop at the most beautiful!
Today you can buy various effects even at bargain prices online, but the result you then get is neither meat nor fish; I sometimes happen to see setups that remind me more of the little festivals done in the parish when I was a boy with a jumble of lights put up a bit haphazardly but for that era it was a lot of stuff.
Today it would make people laugh not to say cry.
I assure you that the right music and the right setting will make your room an irresistible draw for guests of all age groups, but if that doesn’t happen, you will see people sitting at the table looking at their cell phones bored or constantly going outside to smoke a cigarette.
Others, on the other hand, will start to get up and leave by finding a trivial excuse; They will never tell you that they are bored because they would never want to displease you or criticize you right during your wedding.
Maybe they will tell you later, at the first opportunity somewhat like it happens to most people in restaurants after finding some course bland to the cashier’s question “Was everything all right gentlemen?” they usually answer yes!
10 minutes later they are leaving a fiery review on their site or social media but as they are leaving they are putting on a good face.
As happens at weddings when guests, probably bored by the party not taking off, leave without telling you the REAL reason they are going home.
In addition, the right lighting can also highlight some details of the location or some point that would otherwise remain dark, in fact in recent years the use of ambient lights have been able to highlight, with the arrival of darkness, even those locations that are usually particularly poor in lighting or vice versa have been able to give an important scenic impact perhaps related to the color that drives the whole wedding

That said.

I hope I have made you understand the importance of hiring a DJ who can provide you with a suitable lighting fleet for your party because then you will be sure to:

  • Recreating the right atmosphere during dances;
  • Achieve a quality aesthetic effect;
    Enhance the room or environment used for dancing
    entice even the most timid to take to the track

Before I leave you 2 very important things not to forget:

  • Make sure that your guests do not include people who are hypersensitive to light or suffer from epileptic seizures; The strobe effects of some equipment could prove harmful to these people.
  • Make sure, if the DJ’s equipment includes a smoke machine, that the area used for dancing does not have smoke detectors; In case they are present they should be disabled to prevent accidentally starting the fire alarm or worse the fire hydrants.

Now with this knowledge you can devote yourself to searching for the music service that suits you best or you can visit our website and go to the contact page to book a specialized consultation with our Paul and figure out what solutions to move toward to leave your guests with a pleasant, indeed, indelible memory of your wedding.
Remember that “Marriage is a live movie. You can’t go wrong because you can’t buy a memory.”
We always say this to all our wedding couples.
A few simple tips combined with a dash of common sense in choosing the professional to whom you entrust the musical aspect of your wedding not just based on price will make your day a memorable event.

I am Paolo Furlan the first Wedding Music Planner in Veneto and founder of the Wedding Symphony music agency specializing in music for civil or religious ceremonies and music and entertainment for wedding receptions.

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