String quartet. 7 good reasons to choose it

If you’ve attended any weddings as a guest, have you happened to see an evening party that doesn’t take off, a desolately empty runway an evening party with very high expectations left unexpected?

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Who hasn’t happened at least once in their life to see a movie or one of the many TV series on TV in which the main characters get married accompanied during the civil or religious ceremony by the suave sound of a string quartet! Choosing, for your wedding, such a lineup would demonstrate great elegance and a connotation of sophistication and style especially if you continue with the same thread during the wedding banquet. But why specifically entrust a string quartet with the ceremony and the welcome drink?

1. Versatility – You have chosen an elegant location for your civil ceremony or a beautiful church where your union will be blessed by God. You have taken care of every detail to create atmosphere, hanging candles, lanterns on the ground tracing the route that the bride and groom will take, floral decorations near the celebrant and on the chairs or pews, and a cascade of white petals to unite like a thin thread the groom to the bride during his regal entrance. In this context of extreme elegance, aiming for a string quartet, with the purpose of respecting the solemnity of the moment, will be a winning choice since you can opt for a versatile and complete musical repertoire for your ceremony, whether civil or religious.

2. Words and music – Very often newlyweds choose to say their vows without background music, and this is a mistake because music amplifies every feeling and mood, so imagine how you could benefit if you accompanied your mutual vows with specially chosen music. In a civil ceremony we often rely on recorded music but alas it often comes across as cloying or confusing whereas with live musicians you can choose the right tempo and the perfect arrangement to accompany your YES!

3. Quartet? Old man stuff! – For those less fond of music, it may come very easy to think that a string quartet will weigh down the ceremony with old repertoire that has been heard a thousand times before. Very wrong because in recent years we have witnessed several examples (2Cellos above all) of classical instrumentalists who have been able to rehash by adapting classical pieces rearranged in a modern key but, at the same time also contemporary music. The art of rearranging a soundtrack that represents your couple will make the entire wedding function extremely personal and full of pathos.

4. Take advice – Ranging between classical and modern repertoire, you will have the opportunity to customize the entire ceremony to your liking. Do not fall into the mistake of leaving the choice of songs to the musicians, because the musical accompaniment of the most salient moments of the rite should reflect your tastes, should tell about you and your love story. Get advice, from professionals this yes, explain to them what you want to feel and what you want to tell through music but remember that, as always, the secret lies in the choice of suppliers; Turn to professionals who specialize in music for wedding ceremonies as all the musicians on our Team are.

5. Quartet synonymous with elegance -A string quartet is commonly composed of two violins, a viola and a cello. The combination of these four sounds generates an elegant harmony in addition to the extreme refinement with which the musicians tend to perform. But the eye also wants its part, and so for their performances the musicians perform in elegant ceremonial gowns, and upon request they can recall the mood of your event.

6. From Morricone to the great classics – A string quartet, in addition to being a refined and stylish choice for one’s ceremony, can also prove to be a great way to accompany the welcome drink. At this stage, the professionals are going to propose a repertoire, more in line with the moment of absolute conviviality that the bride and groom and guests are experiencing; Morricone, Zimmer, Piovani and other great masters of international fame have composed pieces that have become the heritage of humanity, often because they recall masterpieces of cinema or simply because they know how to reach deep and move the human soul.

7. A prêt-à-porter quartet – Usually a string quartet does not need amplification, consequently the formation enjoys extreme ease in arranging the instrumentation from time to time in the most opportune places often representing the perfect solution for any needs of the bride and groom. Some people involve them for the wedding ceremony alone, some prefer them to perform for the cocktail hour as well, or some, again to emphasize the cutting of the cake.

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We hope you have found useful insights, ideas and advice on this article and we understand that choosing a string quartet for your wedding is always an act of great courage but if you do it, you will definitely get the wow effect that all wedding couples seek from their wedding and your guests will be captivated by questainsuet lineup and the sought-after repertoire that will accompany your wedding.

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