Groom entrance. Here’s what to watch out for!

If you’ve attended any weddings as a guest, have you happened to see an evening party that doesn’t take off, a desolately empty runway an evening party with very high expectations left unexpected?

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It is known that the wedding has only one main character on that day: the bride.
All the attention, looks, and comments are for her from the moment she arrives at the church until the end of the day.
But that is not why the groom should beforgotten !
With whom does the groom arrive at the church? Who accompanies him? How?
It may seem strange, but there are rivers of ink and encyclopedias concerning the bride and her various vicissitudes, while no one explains to the groom what he has to do and how he will have to handle that highly charged moment.


The groom arrives at the church before the bride, this should be a given but it is always best to reiterate, mind you, it is meant that the groom arrives 20 to 30 minutes before the scheduled start time of the ceremony. When planning timings also pay attention to those of guests, who will need more time to arrive (due to parking or ZTL for example).
The groom, therefore, leaves the house with his family members, followed by the groomsmen, and arrives in front of the church in the car, which is usually the same car that accompanies the bride and groom from the reception venue to their home at the end of the day. However, if the bride and groom live discreetly close to the church and have chosen a particular car for their wedding, the groom could use it to get to the church and immediately afterwards the car will pick up the bride. If, however, the bride obviously leaves from a more distant location, the bride and groom’s car will not be able to accompany both of them. Small details that, if not handled well, can create inconvenience and delays.
Upon arriving at the church, the groom makes sure that everything is as prearranged with the various vendors; The floral arrangements must be finished, he must find the bride’s bouquet (if provided)inside the church, the musicians must be ready and positioned, the ceremony booklets must be distributed on the various seats, and if he succeeds he also greets the priest; Then he returns to the churchyard and entertains the guests trying to relieve as much tension as possible. If desired, the groom can delegate witnesses for small tasks with the understanding that this moment creates excitement and strong emotion a bit for everyone.


Who accompanies the groom to the church?

It is the groom’s mother who accompanies her son and waits with him in the churchyard until all his guests have arrived.
The groom’s official entrance should also be well organized, just a few steps are enough to avoid making mistakes.
I bargaining stage make sure with the photographer about his presence or his colleagues both at the bride’s house and in the churchyard when you arrive;They are not always all structured to follow both arrivals, the groom’s and the bride’s, and in most cases obviously follow only the bride. Therefore, specifically request the service for the groom at the church and plan the timing carefully, because if the groom arrives 5 minutes before the bride there is no technical time to take a few photos, greet the guests who did not go through the groom’s house but came directly to the church, and the bride’s guests who after leaving the parental home are arriving at the church in a hurry.
Another problem to be handled is guests who want to stay outside the church to capture the bride’s arrival. This situation tends to generate exponential buzz that tends to detract from even the figure of the groom, so instruct someone to invite the guests to take their seats inside, the groom’s guests sitting on the right side of the church, the bride’s guests the left side, before her official entrance.


Music for the groom’s entrance!

Only after the guests have taken their seats will the groom be ready to make his entrance, accompanied by his mother. For the choice of song, we refer you to the article (Church Ceremony-Here’s What to Know).
The music has started, the groom and mother slowly advance down the aisle and will stop in front of the altar, where the bride will be waiting. Mother stays by his side the whole time: when the bride arrives accompanied by her father, the two parents greet each other and take their places at their pews.

That said.

I hope you have found useful insights, ideas and advice on this article, and before we conclude we leave you reminding you that the foundation stone on which to build a family is equity, so give importance to the groom’s entrance at least to a similar degree as that of the bride, who in any case will remain the absolute protagonist of the entire day.

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