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If you’ve attended any weddings as a guest, have you happened to see an evening party that doesn’t take off, a desolately empty runway an evening party with very high expectations left unexpected?

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Do you want to avoid a slow, yawn-filled wedding?
Here’s how to liven up your most special day with wedding games.



The right shoe – The bride and groom sit in two chairs, one with their backs to the other holding a respective shoe. A friend will serve as speaker and ask the bride and groom to answer questions about their history as a couple and as singles. Questions sometimes burning, sometimes intimate, sometimes funny. What will be the affinity of the couple will be seen at the end of the king of marriage games.

The passagamba – Consists of a contest of skill in which the bride make a tiny object pass from one pant leg to the other.

Groping- As the bride leaves the room for a moment, a few select men will line up on a chair, allowing a glimpse of their calf. The bride, blindfolded, will attempt to recognize her groom’s calf. When she thinks she has found him, she must kiss what she thinks is her husband. Will he know him well enough not to be mistaken?

The Sheet Game – Take a sheet, place it vertically and poke two holes in it into which to stick the heads of the bride and groom, draw or apply whimsical clothes. Give the bride and groom old shoes to place in the hands that are to pop up under the sheet. The arms will be those of a friend who behind the sheet with the bride and groom will have to mimic a series of actions that the speaker will ask for relative to the couple’s daily routine.

Raffle – An unfailing, involves all guests especially for the final prize.


Yes or No – The bride and groom sit in front of the guests, one of whom is blindfolded and wearing headphones with deafening music. Unaware of what he is being asked, he must answer Yes or No when the music is turned off. Who knows what will come out of it–laughter is certain!

Treasure Hunt – You could divide the guests into several teams who, among clues and puzzles, will have to go in search of the treasure, which will be something symbolic and funny chosen by you. This could be a great gimmick to entertain your guests.

Cruciwedding – A crossword puzzle made especially for the bride and groom by close friends. Questions and answers in fact concern only the couple or the bride and groom individually. A friend and best man will direct questions to the bride and groom. In this way, secrets, anecdotes, figures and memories of the new couple will be revealed to all guests.

Witty Questions – This game is among the wedding games quite witty and easy to create. It consists of leaving, taped under each guest’s chair, a fun questionnaire with questions addressed to the bride and groom that guests can fill out during the reception, should they wish to participate. Once the answers are filled in, they will be kept in a special box. Before the end of the celebration they can be read aloud by the bride and groom.

Cinderella’s slipper – Before the dancing begins, you could invite all the guests to take off one of the two shoes and let them arrange them in the center of the room. After that, male guests will pick up a shoe and look for their Cinderella and then invite her to dance. This game is among the wedding games the one most aimed at single guests and invitees and could be a very original way to open the dancing!


Groom’s walk- Take ten boxes and fill them with 3 cm of a liquid of your choice and seal them with tissue. Roll up the groom’s pants and take him on the fun box route to the sound of sparkling and funny questions. On correct answer he will advance, on incorrect answer he will retreat. His prize? The bride at the end of the path.

The balloon dance – Choose eight pairs and attach a balloon to the foot of one member of each pair. At the given signal, couples will begin dancing. The goal of blowing up other couples’ balloons while safeguarding one’s own. The winning couple will be the one left last with the balloon intact.

Obstacles – Choose two and three participants and have them wait in a room next to the hall. After setting up “obstacles” in the room (chairs, plates, shoes, etc.) bring each participant to view the obstacles. He will have to overcome and have him go around the obstacles one first time to memorize the positions of the obstacles. Then, blindfold him and ask him to start again. What the guest will not know is that you will have removed all obstacles but the entertainer and guests will still guide him to jump or kneel. Seeing it twisted in every sense, everyone will laugh out loud!


Smash the block – Friends hide a jar with money collected as a gift to the newlyweds in a concrete block. The bride and groom will have to break it with hammering.

The log -Take a log and one of those big old lumberjack saws. The bride on one side and the groom on the other will have to choose the right pace to cut it. Of course, the guests will have to help them with loud cheers!

The carriage – Arrange nine chairs, two in front simulating the horses, then one the coachman, then the remaining six in pairs of two (front wheels, king and queen, back wheels). Each chair is matched with a person and therefore a role. The speaker will narrate the story and each participant must stand up when they are quoted by the speaker. With each mistake, punishment is triggered. The wild card word that forces all participants to stand up is carriage. What story to read? Here is the beginning of the following…

“Once upon a time there was a king and his queen. One day the two monarchs decided to take a carriage ride.The king said to his queen ” Call me the coachman”.The coachman went to his king and queen and the king said to his coachman “Coachman hey coachman get the horses and the wedding carriage out of the stable and attach the two horses in front of the carriage because the queen and I want to take a ride.” The coachman went to the stable, took the two horses, attached them to the carriage and checked the four wheels.The king and queen got into the carriage….”

Let’s go to the party!

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