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If you’ve attended any weddings as a guest, have you happened to see an evening party that doesn’t take off, a desolately empty runway an evening party with very high expectations left unexpected?

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Have you decided to get married? Not sure where to start in planning your wedding at all?

Fear not, here is a detailed vademecum with everything there is to do month, day, minute.

A year, a year and a half earlier-First the date must be decided. Of course, having a second choice will make the adventure easier from the start. Through the Internet, friends and experiences think about the location for the reception. If you have chosen a civil ceremony, also think about city hall or a location to celebrate both. And now choose a caterer if the location is not a restaurant. Buy a small book right away where you can jot down all your ideas and notes. Don’t forget to have fun, so also add your own emotions, setbacks, and quarrels 😉

If the date and locations are available please confirm this. Don’t forget about your budget!

Nine months earlier-Start thinking about clothes. Try to have an idea but don’t get fossilized and try several. Decide on a theme so that your clothes and decorations have a unique style. This does not prohibit being against the grain! Choose wedding invitations, table and venue decorations (if not let the caterer do it), wedding favors, and the photographer. Also remember the florist. Music, babysitting, cars, various entertainment–get your book and note down everything you want. Start looking for possibilities and evaluate costs. There is still time to decide the details. Do you feel the stress already!!!? Don’t worry the day of the official fight is the day before the wedding. If anxiety assails you, know that a micro-vacation may be for you.

Eight months earlier-Delivered participations. Make arrangements with the caterer for the menu. Check the status of the favors and decide with the photographer on the details. Confirm the outfits, let the florist know the date. Decide on music for the ceremony and reception. Think of the honeymoon. If stress still assails you remember that now is the time to get in shape.

Six months in advance – Confirm the trip and remind your guests if it is part of the wedding registry.

Four months before – Start with hair and makeup trials. Think about the promises. Evaluate possible entertainments as well; it’s time to decide on them. Choose wedding rings.

Two months before – Try on wedding rings and hear if the honeymoon is going ahead.

One month before – Focus on yourself: have a dress rehearsal with makeup, hair and accessories. Book manicure, pedicure and waxing for a few days before the fateful date, in case of redness and complications.

Two weeks in advance – Invitees who have not yet given a response should be solicited. It is time to survey the ceremony and reception location to see if everything is okay. Decide on the tables. Celebrate the bachelorette or bachelor party if it is in your desires, but most importantly–start packing!

One week earlier-Collect the wedding favors. Balance the suppliers. Do the final dress rehearsal.

Two days before – general check and from this moment delegate everything.

The big day-a marvel. Relax and enjoy it.

…and if you are against the grain and organize everything in a few months or days remember: take it easy, enjoy your day!

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